Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Living Vicariously

Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know, I know...its been a while. I will try to work harder so that you are not soooo annoyed whenever you happen to check my blogspot.

Anyway, being that my son is coming into the world from such a theologically renowned family due to his father's exegetical brilliance; (said to be a kindred spirit of sorts with none other than Greame Goldsworthy himself) he is being heavily recruited by major seminaries. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has interest, but I say, that is perhaps a second choice, let's talk to Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, and see what they have to give.

Perhaps my son is being pursued simply so that they can have a beautiful face out front on catalogs and things? I trust that my first assumptions are actually closer to the truth (see paragraph one).

Seriously though, thanks to Tim Baylor and Scott Logan for giving my son his first, perhaps of many, Trinity t-shirts. He says that he really loves it and then asks me, "Dad, is this where you went?" I simply nod my head and smile saying, "Yes son, that's where Dad went."


Blogger James Gordon said...


It is unfortunate that a great post can turn so quickly sour with the mention of Baylor and Logan. I find the choice of gifts that people bring to your son intriguing...it has been an almost "three wise men"-like type of experience when men come from near and far to seek out the heir to the Thomas throne.

Let me quickly review the telling gifts given to your seed:

Doug brings a bouquet of fruit. Fleeting pleasures. Instant gratification. Sounds "health and wealth" (a la Osteen) to me.

Baylor and Logan give a brand name. I think that aptly describes what they are all about at TEDS: boastful arrogance. I picture them as attending a top notch first century pharisee academy. Wolves in sheep's clothing, my friend.

And finally, what does James bring your child? Nothing but the Word. And not only the Word, but the "united" Word of the Kingdom. I like to think of it as a bit of truth for Owen in an otherwise superficial world.

In all seriousness though, your kid is cute, and the t-shirt is sweet (an unfortunate shout-out to Baylor and Logan).


5:33 PM  
Blogger Luther's Stein said...

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4:54 AM  
Blogger Luther's Stein said...


This singular post may finally validate this entire blog. I would flatter you about how adorable your son is, but I can't decide if it is him, or the T-shirt . . . him or the T-shirt . . . hmmmmmmmm.

In any case, look how proud that kid is to be wearing a TEDS tee. You cannot pull the wool over your son's eyes forever, Thomas . . . he will know the truth about you, and the truth will set him free. But be not afraid, Logan and I will receive him. He will be our Mephibosheth. He will dine at our banqueting table.

5:04 AM  
Blogger smlogan said...

say on, brother...say on!

if, by 'brand' you mean accredited:
guilty as charged. as for the rest of your description, the only thing that stands out is 'top notch' (as for what follows: leave thomas' m.div. out of this).

and listen, the wide-margin version of the king jim children's coloring bible doesn't count. it is painfully apparent that you and the apostle paul disagree on what constitutes "first importance"
(read up, guy...or again - let daddy baylor learn you).

finally, Proverbs 27:2...
"let another praise thee, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips."

as i sit here reflecting on my calvin class last semester and anticipating my first luther class this semester (just 30 more minutes), i did not think it could get much better - but it has.

so much for the shirt being too big...look at the beef on that kid! and look at the unspeakable joy he justly feels having exchanged his rags for a robe.

as for exegetical brilliance...
well, so far, that's the worst stretch i've seen this new year (but perhaps it can serve as more of a resolution for you in 08).
of course, if you need any help with it, you know baylor offers a perpetual greek tutorial.

and as for RTS, how dare you.
but for sake of argument - what DO they have to give? well?
apology accepted.

6:11 AM  
Blogger LMLogan said...

love the shirt!!! and he's getting so big - how precious!! ready for the big move yet? wish it was on a weekend so we could help. we'll be praying for you guys!!

1:05 PM  
Blogger robertlhall said...

I feel that James has done the most justice here...of course the comments from Baylor and Logan are to be expected.

Hope your move goes well. We would come over and help, but unfortunately we have an unavoidable schedule conflict :) Wish you the best

7:11 AM  
Blogger smlogan said...

and you followed, in kind...
bravo, robbo.

12:46 PM  

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