Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bio Fuel Conspiracy

I am not traditionally a "conspiracy theorist" per se, but I am beginning to have my senses tingle a bit. I am, as most people, beginning to be annoyed with the sudden spike in gas costs. There are just too many elements converging all at once for my sensitivities. Notice, all the present talk and cultural obsessions are driven by the governments assessment of "global warming" (Al Gore), and the governments solution is "bio-fuel" (ethanol). Thus, the government decides to fund (with tax payers dollars) farms that will grow corn for fuel. Unfortunately for them not many people are buying cars that drive on ethanol. So, what do they do next? They are stuck investing money into a product that is expensive to make and drives the prices of many goods and services up in other areas, such as groceries and restaurants, making it hard on everyday people to function. Well, the solution is to drive up cost of fuel. If fuel costs rise and enough media push the need for bio fuel, acting as though it is the only answer, then people will buy it! They keep spreading out the recession word about the economy right up the cusp of talking about fuel prices which then naturally leads people to look for answers. The answer according to the media, Al Gore, and a host of liberals is Ethanol!
So you tell me, is the extended raising of gas prices working in tandem with the push for bio fuels? And if so does that mean that we are being manipulated by the powers that be (once again) in order to accomplish their goals? Is the government in bed with the Gas industry?

Food for thought.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Listening to the Prophets

I told you a while ago that I was going to comment on both "everyday theology" (vanhoozer), and "Prayer and The Knowledge of God" (Goldsworthy). Well, I did comment on Goldsworthy, but, well, I got kind of bored with Vanhoozer's student essays. Anyway, I picked up "A Christian Manifesto" by Francis Shaeffer in the meantime. The book was very interesting. I have yet to read a book quite like it. The book was basically a call to arms for Christian activists. He writes about how humanism is THE competing worldview against Christianity. His cry is that God's people must stand up against this Darwinian satanic worldview which has infected all areas of life and freedom. His main attack is centered upon law and government, which he sees as the ultimate betrayer of human meaning and existence. He thinks (and rightfully so) that those who are in power are saturated with humanism and thus base law and governance upon its amoral objectives. Simply put, if man is nothing more than material energy without a higher authority to which he is ultimately accountable than the pursuit of his personal happiness is not only his right, but also his duty. For Shaeffer, humanism's greatest danger is that it places man above law. Thus, he can change it without moral reflection or accountability. This is why, says Shaeffer, we have abortion being legalized.

He goes onto talk about how Christians should stand and fight against such moral outrage. Christians should deny obedience to such governance and those who try to suppress the truth of God's law.

I could not help but to think as I read that I was reading a type of Jeremiah or Isaiah. The book was very foretelling about the condition of America, especially seeing as how the book was written in 1981. He was spot on with what America would be like in the future if evangelicals do not stand in opposition to the government. Again, abortion was his main issue. All in all, I really liked the book and it has given me MUCH to think about and wrestle over.

The man was a great philosophical theologian and I admire him greatly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A moment with Graeme

"All that the Old Testament teaches about the activity of God, and about the roles of the covenant functionaries (prophets, priests, and kings), can only have relevance to us because it is fulfilled in Jesus to whom we are then united by faith."

Prayer and the Knowledge of God, p 159

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pray like this

Here is just a taste of the excellent insight into and theology of prayer that Greame Goldsworthy offers in his book "Prayer and the Knowledge of God". I have been feasting at the table of Goldsworthy for about 3yrs now and I have been richly challenged and blessed. I have come to think that he more than any other theologian has changed and expanded my handling of the Scripture.

"The image of God in humankind is exemplified in the incarnate Word of God, Jesus. This Word and image of God is the faithful and true recipient of God's word and the true responder to that word in prayer. As those who are "in Christ" we also respond to the word in prayer. As we do this we know that the weakness and sinfully tainted nature of our prayer is justified by the perfect praying of Jesus as our perfect human representative. God graciously accounts us as acceptable in all respects as Jesus is.
We need to remind ourselves that God accepts the prayers of Christians, not because they are 'good and godly', but because Jesus himself is the true word of prayer on our behalf (p109-110)."

Friday, February 01, 2008

Trying to process and make sense

This is not an "attack ad". Please, I am not trying to attack or fight anything. I am however, trying to explain what I am beginning to, at least I think, understand. I am referring to the word "separate". I understand the word "separate" to refer to an action, that is, something or someone separating from something or someone else. I also am beginning to understand the word separate to refer to an "ideology". That is, when I say that "I am not a "separatist" the reply cannot simply be "everyone separates from someone" thus making me seem self-contradictory. While that is certainly true in an orthodox context that is not a proper response to the statement being made. That type of response is using the word separate in its "action" sense while trying to underscore its "ideological" reference.
When I say that I do practice "separation" that is not a cause to say "see I told you" or "good I am glad". The reason being that, again, there is a difference between practicing separation and being a "separatist". Being a "separatist" is committing to an "ideology" that supports the strict use of separating (typically along ecclesiological lines)from other conservatives, with many political, theological, and institutional irons in the fire. Whereas practicing "separation" can simply refer to the action of keeping careful watch over yourself and those who have been entrusted to your care.
Again, as often times is true basic vocabulary is the point of confusion. Perhaps, this is helping me process the denotations and connotations of the word thus arriving at a usable "meaning". I am not trying to sound more post-modern than I perhaps am by being born in a pomo culture. I hope this helps. Its late, I imagine it won't. I'll read it again in the morning.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm a "Grease Monkey" for the Kingdom

I am now in Michigan living a man's life. That is, I only go to work now, no more work and school. I kind of love it, and kind of hate it. I am working on machinery in a, well..."machine shop". I spent this morning "greasing the bearings". What?? I don't know. All I do know is that "greasing the bearings" makes me a "Grease Monkey" for a day. So, me and my good friend David Puddy can both say, "Don't say that, you know I don't like that term".

Anyway, I hope to use this blog in the up coming days. I am reading both Prayer and the Knowledge of God (Greame Goldsworthy-of whom I will never tire), and Everyday Theology (Kevin Vanhoozer-and TEDS student papers/thesis). I am enjoying both for completely different reasons, but both none-the-less. I am looking forward to discussing my findings, questions and opines with you in the near future.

Finally, I will say that if any of you are not using a Christ-centered hermeneutic in both Scripture and Culture (i.e. all of life) then shame on you. Seriously, all of life is tied to the gospel and how its goals are achieved. Being a "Grease Monkey" for a few months even counts.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Thanks to the many who helped my family pack up the Penske. It was a BIG one too. I went in the morning to lay hold of my reserved truck and the lady gave me a much unanticipated "up-grade". I went from the 22' to the 26'. So, yes if you hear of any "big rig" wrecks on the road it could be me I suppose.
Seriously though, I am very greatful to all who helped. It was an emotional good-bye for my wife and I as we said good-bye to a loved apartment and much loved friends. God's providence has been more than kind to my family here in Chesapeake. We will miss it very much, but never be able to even remotely forget it.
Special "shout-outs" go to Doug Anderson, and Tim Barker. Doug flew down to VB in order to help me drive the "semi"-truck all the way back. He is a pretty good traveling companion and a great friend.
Barker, came down from Maryland and gave me a hand loading the truck. Our conversation went something like this: [Adam]"Woa! there he is! What are you doing here?" [Tim] When I heard that you were moving I thought that you probably use some help. I wasn't sure if you had any friends left." [true story] [Adam] "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think I still have a few." He's a good guy that Tim.
Finally, we will be staying in Michigan for a few months (probably 3-3 1/2). Then we will be in Pittsburgh planting a church in the North Oakland section of the city. If any of you wish to give me all your money I will gladly take it, thank you. :)

No seriously, SEND MONEY.