Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Hip Hop for my iPod Please!!

One afternoon during the Christmas holiday I was walking through a Christian bookstore looking, as always, for any Piper material that they might have had. I picked up a copy of "The Pleasures of God". While I was holding onto the book looking over it a voice came over my shoulder and said, "He's really good". I turned around to find a young black guy (age 17-19) smiling at me. He said that Piper has really changed his thinking about the church. I was astounded. I never seem to meet people like that in popular Christian bookstores. Typically Joel Osteen or Billy Graham are the most touted authors, not Piper.

I said to him, "That's great to hear"! He went onto ask me, "Who else do you like to read?" I said R.C. Sproul, Mark Dever and Greame Goldsworthy. He said, "Ah yea, Sproul is great. I have been trying to teach my pastors about how the church is supposed to look, ya know, how we are to love the Word and preach the Gospel without compromise". He said, "We have just got to go deeper". Again, I was astounded.

He then asked about what music I love to listen to. I told him pretty much anything by sovereign grace, Chris Tomlin, (let's be honest here, Petra and Switchfoot also, I know, I know...). He asked my about Rap. I was honest and said, well, as you can see by looking at me that that is not necessarily my particular culture, but yet I still enjoy bits and pieces.

He gave me a few websites and encouraging words about the Hip Hop movement in evangelicalism.

Anyway, I enjoyed our conversation so much that I went and checked out the websites. I really liked much of what I found! Heck, I think that I might even venture out into a Hip Hop for the old iPod.

I say all that to say this, check out This guy is the REAL DEAL. He is in connection with CrossMovement Records. Seriously, you need to check out his video! If I were a real blogger I would have posted the video here on my site, but again, let's be honest, I'm a hack.

Anyway, check it out because the Ambassador gonna make you wanna jump! jump! Adam is gonna make you wanna jump! jump! Jesus is gonna make you wanna...well...never mind. :)

You have to go to Check out the video he is featuring. It is really great.